Monday, May 4, 2009

Work at Starbucks

If you're like me, you sometimes (or frequently) use Starbucks as an office. In fact, I work out of a Starbucks at least three times each week, using it both for meetings and as a (usually) quiet place to do some work on my laptop.

In fact, right now I'm in a Starbucks working to the sounds of "Tall Nonfat Latte" and "Grande Chai Vanilla Iced Tea" and some mellow music. There is someone interviewing prospective employees in the corner opposite from me - she has interviewed three people since I got here. Behind me is a tutor guiding his highschool client through Calculus homework, and at least two tables are occupied by people conducting some sort of business meeting.

I think that part of Starbucks' success is based on the fact that so many people use it for business. Even though sometimes I don't buy anything at all, other times I buy breakfast and lunch, plus multiple lattes, in one day.

If you're interested in the Starbucks logo and/or mermaids, then you have to read this blog!

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