Sunday, November 30, 2008

Maintaining Balance Even When You Stop Spinning

With the Thanksgiving activities, I haven't had my typical balanced routine of my usual childcare schedule on the following days:

Monday: 9-6
Tuesday: 2-6
Wednesday: 10-2
Thursday: 9-6
Friday: 10-4

Instead, I have been spending time with family and taking care of my daughter. Don't get me wrong - it has been absolutely wonderful, but I must admit that I find myself a little bit off-kilter, feeling unusually stressed and uncomfortable. I think it must be because I'm off my routine, but still at home. I think (and hope!) that if I were on vacation (away from home), then I would be able to relax. Instead, I'm looking forward to Monday morning when I can get back into my routine!


I'd like to think that this is somewhat normal given the fact that I have created a work-life balance that works for me, and so throwing off my routine has been disorienting.

Let me know if you ever feel this way, and if you have any examples of how you find balance when your routine is disrupted.

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