Saturday, January 24, 2009

Clients are People, Too

Sometimes when we are marketing and selling, we forget a key element of the process: our clients are people, too.

I fell into this trap the other day. After an inspiring insight about a new way to package my services, I was unexpectedly approached by someone for marketing support. I was still so "high" on my new idea that I immediately pushed the concept on her. Luckily, I think that I realized my error in time to remedy it, but the bottom line is that rather than pushing my new idea, I should have first asked questions about what she was looking for. Duh!

My error was even more ironic given a conversation I had earlier in the week, during which another client of mine was discussing the difference between the way that I work compared to someone else. She said "with it's all about her. With you, I feel it's all about me. "

Funny how, just as you are beginning to think that you are stellar, life kicks you in the butt and reminds you to stay alert.

Thus, my new mantra whenever talking to anyone is to ask first; advise second (if at all). This approach helps to remind me that each client is unique and special. It also helps to keep the focus on the person; not the opportunity.

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