Monday, January 12, 2009

New Jeans - Down 2 Sizes!

In the past 10 months, I have focused on getting myself healthy. After a really rough pregnancy in 2005, a new baby in 2006, and then two cross-country moves in 2007, 2008 was the first year that I finally was able to put myself back on my to-do list.

Yesterday I proudly bought new jeans - 2 sizes smaller than I wore 10 months ago. Yay! This has taken a complete shift in my lifestyle, and I feel really good about myself. It is the first time that weight loss has not been a punishing experience, and I can honestly say that it has not involved any hunger. Here is what I have done:

1. I signed on with a fitness coach, who checks in with me each week to help me set goals and review what is working and what is not. This has been the single most important investment in my success, as she keeps me accountable to my health goals.

2. I meet with a nutritionist 1-2 times per month to review my food choices and identify room for improvement.

3. I started a daily meditation practice, which is helping me recognize unhealthy triggers, appreciate my food more, and listen to my body better.

  1. I focus on adding vegetables, fruit, protein and whole grains rather than removing other foods
  2. I cut out my 1-2 glasses of wine with dinner (except occasionally)
  3. I added fish-oil supplements to my diet, which help to decrease my tendency towards anxiety and depression
  4. I attend an intense 60-minute cardio & strength training class once per week
  5. I meet with a pilates trainer for one-on-one training once per week
  6. I meet with a strength trainer for one-on-one training once per week
  7. I attend a yoga class once per week
  8. I wear a pedometer and set a goal of about 60,000 steps per week
  9. I run on my own 1-2 times per week

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