Friday, January 9, 2009

What is Balance?

I have been thinking a lot about my score on the "Wheel of Life" assessment that I took and I'm actually wondering whether I should pay too much attention to it. After all - isn't balance a constantly-evolving thing?

For the most part, my wheel is average, but the reason it looks so bumpy is that I have some extremely high levels of satisfaction in certain parts of my life.

While I can certainly work to get my low levels higher, wouldn't creating a perfect wheel include either lowering my ratings of the high parts of my life (to achieve a homogeneous balance) or striving for "perfection" in all areas of my life? This just doesn't seem realistic. Thus, while I find the wheel helpful for illuminating some areas in which I could use some bolstering, I'm not going to worry too much about making the wheel a perfect circle.

After all ... many of the most wonderful roads in the world are bumpy.

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