Monday, January 19, 2009

Three Entrepreneurial Truths

1. It's not the idea; it's the execution. It really doesn't matter how great your idea is. What really matters is how well you can focus it and follow through on its promise and opportunity.

2. Nobody can sell your idea for you. Even the best marketer is at best providing you with tools for success; the truth is that when you are building your business, you need to pound some pavement and sell your idea yourself. Not only is it the only way to get started; it will also give you critical feedback and ideas for how to grow your business.

3. This is not a sprint.
Many entrepreneurs think they need to be sprinters, and they take off so quickly that when they realize they still have miles and miles to go, they are winded and quickly hit the wall. Building a viable business is a long-distance affair. Even if you are thinking you will sell the company in two years, you still need a lot of endurance and discipline to make it that far. Avoid the drive to sprint. Do not operate on brief spurts of entrepreneurial passion. Try to bring discipline and practice to building your business whenever possible.

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