Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Best Chocolate Frosting

I got inspired for Valentine's Day and decided we should make chocolate cupcakes. I'm not a crazy baker, but occasionally I will take 10 minutes or so to whip up something yummy from a box.

This time, I picked up three things:

1. a box of Pillsbury Devil's Food chocolate cake mix
2. a can of sweetened condensed milk
3. a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips

I mixed half of the chocolate chips in with the cake batter and baked as directed for cupcakes. Over very low heat, I melted the rest of the chocolate chips with the condensed milk. When the cupcakes were still warm out of the oven, I drizzled the warm, thick) sauce on top.

It was absolutely amazing!!!

I'll be running an extra few miles tomorrow, but it was so worth it!

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