Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Life Lived Well

Did you know that the word "stoicism," as currently used, bears almost no relation to its original use, which was as a philosophy used in the early third century BCE. With this new information, I wanted to share the following quotes from major Stoic philosophers illustrating some excellent concepts for a life lived well:


  • "Man is disturbed not by things, but by the views he takes of them." (Ench. 5)
  • "If, therefore, any be unhappy, let him remember that he is unhappy by reason of himself alone." (iii.24.2)

Marcus Aurelius:

  • "Get rid of the 'I am hurt,' you are rid of the hurt itself." (viii.40)

Seneca the Younger:

  • "The point is, not how long you live, but how nobly you live." (Ep. 101.15)
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