Sunday, February 1, 2009

How to Create Your Key Message

Your marketing messages are anchored by a single "key message," which is a sentence or two that answers the question: "What is this?" or "What do you do?"

To get started, first answer these four questions:

(1) What is the name of your product?

(2) What is your product? (e.g. a soda, a bike, etc.)

(3) What does your product do?

(4) What are the major benefits of your product?

Next, fill in this sentence with the answers above: (1) is a (2) that (3), which (4).

This will probably form a pretty klunky sentence, but at least you have the basics down. Now smooth out your klunker to craft a meaningful sentence or two to communicate your key message.

Examples: Key Messages

The PowerMop features 10 individual battery-powered scrubbing brushes that can be used on all types of floors. This powerful, easy-to-use tool gets your floor up to 10 times cleaner than a regular mop.

Jenkins & Perkins is a law firm that specializes in mediation services for the construction industry. It helps its clients avoid costly, drawn-out trials, allowing them to get back to work more quickly.

Tri-Star Fitness is a group of personal trainers who work with developmentally-challenged teenagers to help them find empowerment through movement.

Next Time: Your Supporting Messages

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