Sunday, February 8, 2009


I think I have mentioned that my greatest asset/liability is speed. I have noticed that most of us have a greatest strength/greatest weakness that both serves us incredibly well but can also trip us up without mercy.

Such is my speed. Most of the time it is a wonderful attribute; I get things done very quickly, and thus am able to do a lot of different things, including working and being a mom. It's great.

On the flip side, I make mistakes based on my speed. Last week I made a $1,200 mistake based on my speed. Luckily I can fix it for my client, so the only real loss ends up being (my) money, but it is soooooooo frustrating!

I met someone last night at a dinner party, and she was lamenting the fact that she works very slowly, and is working on working faster and not being such a perfectionist. I had to laugh, since I'm working on the exact opposite challenge: I am desperately trying to work a little bit slower at times!

We thoroughly enjoyed talking about the pros and cons of both personality traits, and it was such an important reminder that when you erect a barrier separating two sides, the grass always appears greener on the side you can't access. Amazingly, when you remove the barrier, you realize that there are benefits and drawbacks to both sides, and it's just a matter of balancing them as best you can.

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