Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3 Things I Learned at Yesterdays' Entrepreneur Magazine Conference

Yesterday I attended Entrepreneur Magazine's 2008 Growth 2.0 Conference. It was free, and there were some really excellent speakers in attendance. Here are three things that I learned:
  • Apparently billboard companies often have 2-3 month gaps between rentals. One speaker suggested that you could get a billboard for really cheap during that time. I'm not really sure that billboards "work" for most businesses, but this was interesting information to consider.

  • Public speakers need to be careful not to alienate their audience by bragging too much. One highly-qualified speaker really put me off with shameless self-promotion. There is a fine line between providing the backup support that you need to make your case and bragging, especially when you are discussing a topic about which your audience is already nervous about.

  • There are a lot of entrepreneurs out there! I was so impressed to meet so many people who are just considering entrepreneurship and/or starting new businesses. I think it's really great that Entrepreneur invested in the conference.

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