Monday, December 8, 2008

3 Ways to Build a Business that doesn't Suck You Dry

Something that I have noticed in my business coaching work is that many entrepreneurs have built themselves a company that sucks them dry. The joy and passion that got them started slowly dwindles and eventually they end up depressed and angry with themselves for getting the business-building-bug in the first place.

It doesn't have to be that way!

Here are 3 Ways to Build a Business that doesn't Suck You Dry:
  1. Know what you want: what lifestyle are you looking for? Are you single and willing to work 24-7? Are you married with children and only have a limited amount of time and energy available? Build your business according to the lifestyle you want first. Nothing else matters as much as this!

  2. Know what you need: how much money do you need to make? Take a hard look at the market or industry that you are considering, and make sure that it will be able to afford you the income that you desire based on the answer to Question No. 1

  3. Get help: hire people to help you strategically based on what you don't like to do. Try to avoid the perfectionist trap of not being able to let go of all the tasks because you don't think that anyone can do them as well as you can. In order to achieve your answer to Question No. 1, you simply must figure out how to get and accept help.

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