Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reclaiming Balance

For me, a balanced life begins with a healthy body, followed by a healthy mind, which ultimately results in a healthy business. The trouble is, sometimes that balance gets turned upside down and turns into an unhealthy avalanche.

Usually it begins with a lot of work pending (business). Next comes the stress (mind), which ultimately results in a sick body. Yes, I'm getting sick, and it happened within a matter of days!

To rebuild a healthy balance, I'm not sure whether I need to start with my body or my business - which would be best? Do I take long naps and ignore work while my body heals, or do I get everything on my plate finished so that the stress goes away and my body can heal? Or maybe I get really mental and try to fix the stress at its source?

I have no firm answers today, but I am always looking for solutions, so here is what I'm going to try:
  • Body: take a long shower and an afternoon nap
  • Mind: go easy on myself and try not to criticize so much
  • Business: get the most important work completed as soon as possible so that it is off my plate
Please let me know if you have any other ideas!

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