Monday, December 22, 2008

Life Will Be Normal Again

I am blessed with a large, mixed family within easy driving distance of our home. Thus, the holidays are an extensive process full of must-do family events. With a young child, the pressure to participate in everything feels even stronger than ever, as I want to ensure that she gets the full joy of the season. With Hanukkah falling the same week of Christmas, this year is more chaotic than ever.

An inevitable result of our constant rushing around in celebration of the season is that I am not able to follow my usual fitness routine. Luckily, my wellness coach, Nora, suggested that I write into my calendar "Life Will Be Normal Again" on Monday, Dec. 29. Having this firm date in my mind allows me to go easy on myself when I just can't squeeze in the exercise that I know I need.

This week we have a different family member coming over each night to light the candles, and next weekend will be our big family Christmas, as my brothers will be with their wives' families on the 25th. My goal is to simply do the best that I can in regards to exercise and eating, constantly reminding myself that life will be normal again next week.

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