Saturday, December 20, 2008

3 Things That I Can't Figure Out

I am really trying to figure out how to use Web 2.0 concepts for myself and my clients, but here are three things that I can't figure out:

1. Facebook: I like Facebook - it's fun! I just can't figure out why so many businesses use it for shameless self-promotion. There seem to be two ways to use it: for genuine friendship reconnection and for yucky, over-the-top marketing promotion. There must be a way to find a blance, but so far the only people using it for marketing purposes are just kind of yucky.

2. Podcasts: I read "Podcasting for Dummies," and I get the concept, but what I can't find is anyone who listens to podcasts - other than podcasters themselves. Is there a true marketing opportunity here? I really don't know.

3. Site Conversion: It seems like we need to re-vamp our sites into more targeted sales machines, but, as with Facebook, it feels to me like the people who are doing this are cheezy and a little yucky. There has to be a way to be an authentic, transparent marketer online without being perceived as "yucky," right?

I'm working on solutions for all of these, but would love to hear comments and ideas if you have any!

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