Sunday, December 14, 2008

3 Things to do on Vacation

Whether it's a vacation or a stay-cation, it's important to take time off from work to benefit your body, mind and business. I'm writing this from St. Thomas, where I've been with my husband for the past two days. It's beautiful! Here is what I have learned to do when I vacation to ensure that I maintain positive balance for my body, mind and business.

1. Take care of my body:
  • I schedule in at least some form of exercise each day - this may be a walking tour or a 30-minute jog on the beach.
  • I have a salad for lunch, and focus on grilled lean proteins and fresh veggies and fruits at all meals. This means that when I have dessert and wine with dinner, I don't feel at all guilty.
  • I bring my giant water bottle from home and keep it with me at all times.
2. Take care of my mind:
  • I laugh at every joke or funny thing I hear, even if it's really lame. This boosts my happiness enormously, and reminds me that I'm supposed to be having fun.
  • I smile at everyone I meet, especially the people who are serving me. The easiest way for me to lead a grateful life is to thank others and be grateful for them.
  • I read a book. I have always loved to read. Sometimes I dive into a juicy non-fiction, and sometimes I focus on self-improvement - it just depends on my state of mind.
3. Take care of my business:
  • I make sure that I tell everyone that I am going to be out of town, and actively schedule the week before my trip so that I am not overloaded the day before I leave. This is an imperfect system for me, and one that I'm still working on!
  • I check voicemail and e-mail only once or twice per week day, and only respond to urgent messages.
  • I bring a pen and paper for expansive ideas and the new ideas that inevitably pop up for me when I'm in a different environment.

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