Sunday, December 7, 2008

3 Things I Learned from "Getting Things Done"

Getting Things Done is a great book that covers all sort of organizational concepts. It's pretty overwhelming if you think that you have to do everything suggested, so I thought it might be helpful to break down the concepts that I gleaned from the book that have improved my office (and life) organization:

  1. Alphabetize your files - I know this sounds silly, but for some reason I never did this. I think that I just figured I don't have enough files. Well, now that I've done it, I can find files so much faster, and it makes the act of filing almost pain-free.

  2. Organize your to-do list - The book has a little bit of a crazy system in which you have both short- and long-term to-do lists. This was a bit much for me, but I did sit down and figure out exactly what type of to-do list would work for my lifestyle, and it is making a difference in my productivity.

  3. Commit to a single calendar and keep it up-to-date - Again, this is such a simple thing, but it really made an impact when I took a look at the calendaring system I was using and discovered that it wasn't quite fitting my needs. I immediately went to Staples and found the calendar of my dreams, and it has kept me on-track ever since.

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